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A global rollout of an Enterprise system is a critical step for organizations that aim to benefit from harmonized business processes and visibility of operations across the local entities. We have accordingly developed a tried-and-tested DMS & SFA Rollout approach, to enable our clients to gain valuable benefits from the system. At present we cover the length and breadth of India.

Service request responses are enlisted as soon as they are received 24/7. Our team's diversified functions are easily adapted to the specific requirements of our clients' businesses. Being in touch Sales Team, Distributors, Clients with the market pulse helps us to get the first-hand knowledge of the ever-changing trends and requirements of business operations. This in turn enables us to back our clients more efficiently in conducting a hassle-free day to day business.

Whatever the needs of business, you can count on us for delivering a higher level of service and continuously improving, to do best and exceeding expectations. We do it by providing technical softwares that can be used from anywhere at any time which will help in business.

We're dedicated to growth and constant improvement, so if the service that you need isn't on our list, please let us know. We'll get to work and customize a solution for you. We are tied up with an extensive network of Partners who would physically visit your Super Stockists/Distributors/Dealers and train them about the software. This way we have been able to increase the efficiency and successfully accomplish 50-100 rollouts in a month.

The following steps are the cornerstone to our Rollout strategy & support:
  • Step 1: Identify Key Distributors and Users. -
    Distributors will easily be able to stay on top of their business without anything slipping through the cracks. Customers will continue to buy from distributors who can ensure accurate, on-time delivery of orders. It gives consumers stability and reliability, and this is how it would be easy to identify numerous users.
  • Step 2: Choose the Implementation Team. -
    It is an important step as the team embraces the vision and mission of the company. Our onsite support will help you to identify the accurate structure that aligns with your business and choose the correct implementation team.
  • Step 3: Document Key Information. -
    The document provides you with the key information of the product. The purpose is to inform about the nature and risk of the product to its real time investors.
  • Step 4: Define Timeline. -
    A structured timeline that strategically addresses the needs of the customers. It will create a positive customer experience by solving small issues.
  • Step 5: Support Change Management
    By providing as much as information from our expert teams and continuous guidance through our software solutions.

Our Rollout support team comprises:
  • Experienced Roll out specialists
  • In-person as well as remote roll-out options to choose from
  • On-demand Roll-out pace which can be adjusted as per client requirements
  • Clients can opt for Dedicated and Non-Dedicated Support Model Post Rollout