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Logo J-Platform DMS is a user efficient, integrated and comprehensive real time Business Solution for Super Stockists, Distributors and Dealers of various size and scale for SMEs and Large Enterprise Brands.
The Distribution Management System or DMS is a centralized user-friendly application that offers multiple features like pay cycle, claim and inventory management and more such features.

Distribution Level Challenges

  • Lack of Scheme and Claims Controls with Geographical Product, Price Launch
  • Lack of Stock and Sales Visibility and Real Time Actionable Data
  • Unstructured Data at Distribution for MIS Reporting and Dashboard
  • Lack of visibility in Demand, Inventory and Sales with Automated Stock Replenishment

    Features and Benefits:

  • Forward Supply chain management
    Access real-time data that enables end-to-end supply chain visibility and transparency.
  • Sales forecasting and demand planning
    Empower your employees with real-time insights that improves agility and predictability while responding to market disruptions.
  • Capabilities like Accounting, Collections and Campaigns & Promotions
    At each selling point Close your books with confidence and report financials seamlessly without any delay.
  • Procure-to-Pay, Order-to-Cash Cycles
    Manage the core business activities from sales order processing, purchasing to managing inventory through financial accounting.

  • Both Sales & Delivery Route Planning, Optimization and Management
    Handle processes more efficiently and quickly than before as everything is automated. This creates more demand of the business in the industry.
  • Sales Team Structure Management
    Operationalize your teams and leverage workflows to efficiently become scalable and close higher number of deals.
  • Sales Targets/Incentives Management
    Build resilient and reliable workflows that enables to meet the sales targets and manage incentives in the most effective manner.
  • Reporting and Visualizations
    Implement a intelligent system and streamline improved data management and analytics with real-time reporting to adapt to changes and overcome shortcomings to seize new opportunities.


    Logo J-Platform DMS Differentiator

  • User based screens and Menu configuration, Smartly Understand working pattern
  • Standard Screen across the Application
  • Maneuverability: Left and Right Click, Tile and Menu Based UI
  • Priorities Masters, Screens or Menus as per User working behavior
  • Export to Excel, Excel Drag and Drop Features
  • Color coding across Module for better Identification
  • Desktop, Laptop and Mobile Compatible
  • Connect Program with Third Party ERP, SFA and Tally Systems
  • Latest Technology - Linux, MySQL, Java

Key Reports and Dashboards

    J-PLATFORM CONSOLE Reports:- For OEM,HO, MIS & Admin
  • Masters – Product & Price Master Reports
  • Masters - New Retailer Registration Details
  • Purchase - Purchase Report
  • Inventory - Stockist wise Real time Inventory Tracking
  • Inventory - Retailer Stock Report
  • Inventory - Scrap Report
  • Order - Order Status Report
  • Order - Sales Order Trend Reports
  • Sales - Non-Productive Calls
  • Sales - Non-Productive Outlets MTD
  • Sales - Day Summary
  • Sales - Sales Rep Wise Sales Reports
  • Sales - Monthly Period Sales Summary
  • Sales - Geography Wise Sales Reports
  • Sales - Day Wise Secondary Sales Summary
  • Sales - Daily Brand Wise Summary
  • Sales and Purchase Order Report
  • Scheme - Schemes Master Report
  • Scheme - Promotions and Claims Expenses Report
  • Service - Beat Deviation Report
  • Service - Top Outlet Reports
  • Service - Retailer Classification Reports
    J-Platform DMS Reports:- Distributors / Channel Partner / Dealers
  • Purchase - GRN Listing Report
  • Purchase - Product Purchase Report
  • Purchase - Purchase Damage Report
  • Inventory - Current Stock Report
  • Inventory - Stock Adjustment Report
  • Inventory - Closing Stock Report
  • Inventory - Stock & Sales - Volume/Value Report
  • Order – Order Fulfilment Report
  • Sales - Bill wise Sales Report
  • Orders – Order Summary Report
  • Sales - Loading Sheet Report
  • Sales - Product wise Sales Report
  • Sales - Sales Return Report
  • Scheme - Scheme Utilization Report
  • Scheme - Scheme Utilization Summary Report
  • Collection - Bank Slip Report
  • Collection - Retailer Outstanding Report
  • Collection - Retailer wise Collection Report
  • Miscellaneous - Retailer Classification Reports
  • GSTR - All GST Reports
  • E-Invoice - E-Invoicing Reports
  • Bill/Invoice - Printing Report


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