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Enterprise Resource Planning software or Logo J-Platform ERP is one of the most preferred and handy tools that enables business owners to keep a track of all kinds of business activities that too in real- time and also keeps a check on different business processes at one place.

ERP Level Challenges

  • Allows an organization to leverage a suite of integrated applications.
  • Lack of streamline and automate processes .
  • Lack of creating a leaner, more accurate and efficient operation
  • Lack of Complete visibility into core business processes.
  • Lack of business processes Optimization and Planning.


    Features and Benefits:

  • Company with Organizational Units and Warehouses
  • Access Rights with Roles and Authorizations of Users
  • Multi Lingual, Currency, calendar
  • Document Number Sequencing
  • Diff types of Materials/Products with characteristics, grouping, brand and model
  • Multiple UOMs with Barcode
  • Minimum, Maximum, Negative inventory control
  • Material Costing
  • Quick production Slips
  • Virtual Locations in warehouses

  • Cost Distribution
  • Material Sets
  • Inventory Adjustment
  • Services
  • TDS
  • Purchase Management
  • Purchase Prices
  • Purchase Campaigns, Discounts, promotions
  • Purchase Demand -> Proposals -> Contracts -> Orders -> Receipt -> Invoice


    Logo J-Platform ERP Differentiator

  • User based screens and Menu configuration, Intelligently Understand working pattern
  • Standard Screen across the Application
  • Maneuverability: Left and Right Click, Tile and Menu Based UI
  • Priorities Masters, Screens or Menus as per User working behavior
  • Export to Excel, Excel Drag and Drop Features
  • Color coding across Module for better Identification
  • Desktop, Laptop and Mobile Compatible
  • Connect Program with Third Party ERP and Tally Systems
  • Latest Technology - Linux, MySQL, Java,.

Key Modules and Reports

  • Service Purchase
  • Sales Management
  • Sales Prices
  • Sales Campaigns, Discounts, promotions
  • Sales Demand -> Sales Proposals -> Contracts -> Sales Orders -> Dispatch -> Sales Invoice
  • Shipment/Load Slip
  • Batch Order Billing
  • Service Sales
  • Sales Persons & Potential Customers
  • Finance & GL
  • Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable
  • Chart Of Accounts
  • Cash, Bank & Cheque Payment and Collection transactions
  • GST Ready (GSTR reports)
  • Risk control on AR/AP transactions
  • Financial Statements (Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement, Cash Flow Statement
  • Payment/Collections Plans
  • Trial Balance
  • Cost Centre
  • Export
  • Export Sales Orders>Sales Dispatch>Sales Invoices
  • Foreign Exchange Fluctuations
  • Reports
  • Easy Report Customizer/Editor, Quick Easy Reports
  • Reports covering all modules
  • Any report can be customized and fetched with the data present in system
  • Additional Features for users' comfort
  • Drag & Drop via excel
  • Short cut keys and Right click access
  • Filters for search
  • Desktop creation
  • Capability of integrations with third party applications


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