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    What Is the 80/20 Inventory Management Rule? The 80/20 rule states that 80% of results come from 20% of efforts, customers or another unit of measurement. When applied to inventory, the rule suggests that companies earn roughly 80% of their profits from 20% of their products.

  • Most of FMCG Companies follows 80/20 Supply Chain Rule.
  • The Formula says 80% Revenue comes from 20% and 20% Revenue comes from 80% Supers Stockists/Distributors/Dealers.
  • So, companies follows different strategies to work with theses 80% and 20% revenue contributors.
  • OEM plays very differently in the areas of Schemes, Margins, Support, Product Launch as well as on Technology Automation.
  • OEMs always choose 80% revenue contributor i.e. Key Distributors in the First Phase of Distributor Digital Transformation (DDT/DTA) to streamline their Secondary Stock and Sales.
  • DDT is very comprehensive process in Digitization. This helps OEM’s to bring transparency and streamlines their whole Supply Chain Network.
  • OEMs choose 20% revenue contributor i.e. Small Distributors in the Second Phase of Distributor Digital Transformation.
  • Logo J-Platform Solutions
  • J-Platform CONSOLE : - For OEMs, HO & Admin Users
  • J-Platform DMS: - For Super Stockists / Key Distributors / Dealers / Franchises
  • J-Platform Non-DMS: - Small Distributors / Sub-Stockists
  • J-Platform ERP Connect: - FTP/API Based Integration with SAP, MS Dynamics, Oracle, Tally etc.
  • J-Platform Tally Connect: - J-Platform DMS To Tally Transactional Level Integration for Distributors
  • J-Platform SFA Connect : - FTP/API Based Integration possible to all SFA Applications like Field Assist, Channel Bridge, Bizom, SalesCube, Skygge, IVY, Pitambari SalesCube, IVY Mobility, BeatRoute, FieldMI, Recibo etc.

Retail marketers synchronously use different flips to make prospective consumers aware and buy their products. They generate discounts, appealing ways of product packaging, and promotional banners. Retail merchandising exactly focuses on bringing the fair product of the fair price in the right quantity in front of the correct audience at the correct place and at the correct time. It is largely driven by scientific consumer behaviour models and extensive market research which helps the retailers to understand their consumers and so that they can cater to their needs and preferences in a more appealing manner. Some of the most visually appealing merchandising techniques are below:

Placement of Display of products: This strategy can also be known as the eye-level display. Where brands use certain spaces to fill the high demand, seasonal, impulsive or promotional products in a belt in supermarkets. The moto behind this visual merchandising is to grab the attention of the customer by appearing right towards their eye level.

Spreading the Stocks: Through this kind of visual merchandising, it is possible to fill the empty spaces in a store. As the empty spaces are considered as the reason for decreasing the sales. Therefore marketers used the empty spaces by filling up with their products and hence it creates an impact in the mind of consumers. That this supermarket caters to their needs and the products here are available in a lot of variable options too. Also, it helps to use the stock room resources wisely as they are saving spaces by displaying most of the stocks in the supermarket.

Alignment of the Products: The marketers use vertical alignment instead of horizontal alignment of products as it creates more visual appeal. And also it is convenient for the consumers to look and carry in their shopping cart. Also, the products which are smaller in size are placed on the left side and the products which are larger in size are kept on the right. It is because of the psychological behaviour of the consumers.

Visual Colour appeal: The most visually appealing form of retail marketing is a colour appeal. It is done in most of the clothing showrooms and in supermarkets as well. It is described as the consumers prefer to buy dark colours in winter and light colours in summer. Arranging these types of clothing according to the colour pattern can help retailers to cater for the preferences of their customers.

Implementation of the above strategies : This can be achieved by using our J-Platform solution which is smart enterprise resource planning where we will approach you to plan your resources visually appealing. The smart solutions offered by logo through a software which enables users to customize their resources according to their convenience. This software is designed to save the time of the consumers and to provide effective resource planning solutions. It is an approach that triggers in the mind of the consumers and makes your brand more visible to them. Features like Inventory visibility and stock capture will help the customers to organise and maintain the records of their inventory and warehouses. Also services like J-Platform SFA Connect will help to keep a track on the salesperson and it will help to track the channel partners as well.

We are offering networks of software solutions for SMEs and Micro SMEs as well as those who are willing to move their business digital. We are providing solutions through our software. This software is very easy to use and is designed in such a way that will help the consumers to make their life easier and to adopt digital methods. Our solutions include Smart distribution management. It is a method to organize your inventory wisely. Enterprise resource planning is a smart step ahead to use your resources wisely and keep a check on them so as to avoid any clutter. Our app includes CaptainBiz which is effective and efficient for organizing and planning. It also offers features such as GST returns.

Benefits of Being online simpler and cheaper: A strong online portal for registration, payment, and filing of returns enables smooth GST compliance. It is freedom and flexibility for the taxpayers which our software provides where they can rectify and refile their errors. This is a boon for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs). A business with a turnover of up to ₹1.5 crores can file only one annual return which is under the composition scheme. The service providers can avail a benefit of 6% now whose turnover is up to ₹50 lakh. An initiative is taken by the government where GST payers can file Quarterly returns. It is easy to get invoices via WhatsApp or Email. Our application provides the solution that generates tax inclusive or tax exclusive invoices per customer's requirements.

Business at ease: GST has surpassed several pre-existing taxes like Central Excise Duty, Service Tax, Countervailing Duty, Value Added Tax or Sales Tax, Central Sales Tax, Octroi and Entry tax, etc And this is the reason it has brought ease in doing business for all. The GST rates on goods and services have been classified into five blocks – nil, 5 percent, 12 percent, 18 percent, and 28 percent. The applications have features that help you to operate your business more smoothly and efficiently over PC desktop and mobile. There is no need for any technical skill to operate these services.

Building a better future by increasing transparency and ending complications: The GST ensures the way to minimize frauds, tax avoidance, the trouble of taxpayers, and corruption. It has increased revenues for the government and ease for the taxpayers.

Market Accessibility and Expansion through Digitalization: GST has helped to lead transparency and benefits such as reducing errors and tax frauds. This has resulted in business growth. Also with the help of GST and its implementation over different types of taxes it has led to do hassle-free business in any state. It means now businesses have the freedom to cater to their consumers or provide their services to any location across India.

Benefits of our software : Working from 9 am to 5 pm is not a businessman’s Job. There is a need to access the data and work with the GST filing activities which can be done in the non-working hours as well. This software will help to store the documents in a cloud or a simple and portable memory. The data will be stored safely and can be accessed at any time which can also help in tracking the cash flow at the convenience of time and place. There is also an offering that this software is customizable according to your business needs and GST returns. All GST reports are auto-updated as the transaction details and the data are recorded for the better ease of the customers.

As per the RBI’s May 2021 round of Consumer confidence survey. The report has shown that the confidence of the consumer in India is currently low. The Indian consumers seem to be more pessimistic during the second wave of the pandemic. Their future expectation is also low. The supply hasn’t been impacted as it was during the last year, the greatest tally of the current wave has been attrition in demand. Some strategies where FMCGs should focus on are

Leveraging on cash flows: Companies should focus on implementing the lighter model instead of the traditional and heavy model of sales. This can be done through schemes, offers to move their existing inventory products which are kept for a longer time. This needs to be addressed by them for generating revenues from it. This will solve the problem of existing inventories and it will generate the cash flows. Also, it will help them to avoid future clashes with their channel partners. Cash flow can be eased by providing partners access to credit lines which will limit their exposure to the notion of the market. Our services DMS (Distributor management system) offers a feature of cash management which will help consumers to understand the cash flow cycle and keep track of it.

Increasing Presence in the market: The important step which now a company can do is to focus on increasing its presence in the existing market. By doing so it will help them to generate strength that will allow them to maintain their current position in the industry. Also, it will create a positive impact in the minds of the consumers as well. Also, they can explore new markets and expand until the demand returns to normal levels. The benefit from the pandemic is that the larger businesses got larger during it. Now it is time for the smaller brands that they can leverage some benefit from the pandemic instead of suffering losses. The idea here is to capture the market share and with the help of the smart distributor system, it is possible to achieve. To ensure that the companies will remain in a position of strength they have to plan wisely before deciding their sales channel. Logo smart solution “SFA sales force automation” will help customers to attract more reach and provide them with the real time solution. As per the requirement of the customers, Moreover it is designed in such a way that it can ease the burden of the customers so that they can do their business. The SFA will take care of their presence in the market. To understand the implementation of Logo Smart smart solutions you can communicate with us. We will provide you with the exact key which you are looking for.